• Blazing Fast

    Node.js brings you incredible generating speed. Hundreds of files take only seconds to build.We all know how fast V8 and the other JavaScript runtimes have gotten. Sletjs caches the intermediate JS functions for fast execution.

  • Koa 2.x + ES 6 Support

    All features of Koa 2.x and ES 6 are supported. You can even use most plugins in Koa.

  • One-Command Deployment

    You only need one command to deploy your site to GitHub Pages, Heroku or other sites.

  • Various Plugins

    Hexo has a powerful plugin system. You can install more plugins for Jade, CoffeeScript plugins.

  • npm install slet-cli -g
  • slet init blog
  • cd blog
  • npm install
  • slet server